The Centre NUTRISS offers students and postdoctoral fellows a statistical support service, led by Pierre Gagnon. Various statistical services are offered such as

  • Calculation of the sample size and type of sampling (e.g. simple random, stratified, clustered, etc.);
  • Choice of analysis methods (e.g. regression, mixed model, classification, multilevel analysis, survival, mediation, etc.);
  • Support for conducting analyses in a rigorous manner (e.g., adherence to assumptions, programming that reflects the chosen sample design and analysis model, etc.);
  • Support for interpretation of results;
  • Questionnaire development (e.g., choice of questions and their type, method of administration);

Please note that this statistical support service is in support of the researchers' research work. It is the responsibility of the researchers, students, postdoctoral fellows and professionals to carry out the statistical analyses themselves.

For any question or request concerning the statistical support service, we invite you to contact Pierre Gagnon (

Statistical capsules are also available HERE.