The NUTRISS Centre makes available to researches a support service in statistics, driven by Pierre Gagnon. Many statistics services are offered including: 

  • Calculation of the sample size and the type of sampling (ex. simple random sampling, stratified sampling, cluster sampling, etc.);
  • Choosing analysis methods (ex. regression, mixed model, classification, multivariate analysis, survival analysis, mediation analysis, etc.);
  • Support in conducting analyses in a rigorous manner (ex. respecting statistical assumptions, program that reflects the sampling plan and the analysis model chosen, etc.);
  • Support in interpreting results;
  • Development of questionnaires (ex. choosing questions and their type, methods of administration);


Please note that the support service in statistics is only there to support researchers in their research activities. It is up to researchers, students, postdoctoral fellows and/or research professionals to conduct themselves the statistical anlyses. 


For any questions or requests regarding the support service in statistics, contact Pierre Gagnon

Scholarships for graduate students


Grants for participation to online conference or training program


Complementary salary for postdoctoral fellows 

Pilot projects

The NUTRISS Centre's call for pilot projetcs aims to encourage interdisciplinary collaborations between researchers from different disciplines. We invite you to consult the attached document to know about the terms of the program. 


Support program for structuring projects 

This support program is offered to all recearchers of the NUTRISS Centre and provides financial and/or human ressources to support the development and/or the realization of some steps of a project deemed as being structuring for the NUTRISS Centre. 


Joint NUTRISS-INAF pilot projects

The objective of the joint call for pilot projects of INAF and the NUTRISS Centre is to initiate and stimulate new multidisciplinary and intersectoral collaborations in a research theme related to sustainable food.